Welcome to part 3 of this article…In part 2, I promised to show you ways out of and manage the feelings of DEPRESSION.

So, let’s roll.

Ways to avoid and manage depression

♦Take your trust away from man and trust God for everything about your life. 1peter 5:7 says

” casting all your cares upon Him; for He cares for YOU”

Depression mostly set in when we depend on man…YOU Forget that the man who promises something today is depending on someone else. So, when the person fails ,the man will automatically fail YOU. Learn to trust God

♦Change your environment. This worked for me a great deal in my depressed state… I just simply moved out of the environment that kept giving me those feelings.

♦Avoid being alone. Loneliness is one tricky gateway to depression… It is at that moment that a lot of negative thoughts begins to drop in your mind. “The only people who cannot be depressed when they are alone are those who have taken charge of their minds…have you?”. Gloria Robson

♦Listen to soul lifting music. Not the type that moves YOU to try bad things or take YOU back to your past. For me, soft gospel music do me good anytime.

♦Tell someone how you feel per time. Don’t keep your mouth closed. Look for someone who celebrates you, who YOU feel comfortable with to tell how you feel. It will help YOU heal quick and keep you sound.

♦Avoid quarrels, jealousy, envy and keeping malice. These things make your heart heavy and keep YOU constantly in hates and in an unforgiving state. Watch it!!

♦Learn new skills. There is this excitement I feel whenever I learn new skills…it keeps me happy and hopeful. YOU can feel same

♦Make more money Money is powerful… It answers all things remember? So, find legal things to do to help you fetch more money. Give value. Sell something, talk to people, speak, write, dance, draw, paint, just offer some skills and you will make some good money…. That will keep YOU happy and out of depression.

♦Have a fitness coach that always encourage YOU to do exercise… Exercise helps YOU become lighter and brighter…. Please note that an indoor exercise is better than none. When I feel low out of stress and some unpleasant situations, I just take my exercises seriously and I feel better again…

♦Be happy genuinely when someone achieves something new and great. Celebrate the success of others openly… Be friendly sincerely. Allowing yourself to be sad when someone achieves a new feat will only keep you vulnerable to depression, don’t allow it.

Coming out of your comfort Zone (dark corner) to a place of light will keep YOU encouraged and secure. But note that in all I have said to YOU, the only best hands to find true joy and peace is with God….nowhere else… Trust Him only and keep yourself from DEPRESSION…

I am very hopeful that this articles that has taken so much of my time will help YOU.  It keeps YOU in great shape for YOU and your FUTURE SELF.

I remain your “YOU FACTOR ” Coach and friend…

Gloria Robson.

Etiquette/ Personal Polishing Coach

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