Let us help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.

Your package in life depends on the impression you choose to make at first sight. Make a memorable impression about yourself at first meeting.


My Story


My name is Gloria Robson. I am the CEO of Packway Polishing Academy/Educoncept. My followers call me Global Brand Polisher, because my basic job is to POLISH Brands and Entrepreneurs, turning them into Global brands with Classic Refinement.

This journey of polishing lives started for me when I began to see the need to help people behave well, speak well, dress well, smell nice, relate well with others, and have poise and style attached to whatever they do. I grew up loving life but the way I saw people live the life made me cry and in my tears, I began to seek my purpose on earth.

A lot of things had happened to me that made me develop low self-esteem, and this affected my  personal package a great deal until I began to discover ways to come out of that state in my life Now, I stand tall with confidence where ever I go hence my polishing gift to humanity. In my quest to help  God’s creation (YOU) stay polished, I had to sign up in outfits that helped to polish up my brand.

I am right now a certified mentor/ coach having been certified by the Institute of Corporate Mentoring and Coaching Nigeria. I have also been trained by other reputable firms which has given me the license to train YOU. As a graduate of French/ English Languages, I have had the opportunity to travel in and outside Nigeria and meeting different people with different character and personalities… I have also been exposed to ability to manage these people with poise and comportment.

Signing up for any of our courses will help you understand it better. It is honestly a lifetime experience.

I look forward to meeting you in class.

Your Polishing Partner/ Coach,

Gloria Robson
CEO, Packway Polishing Academy.

Our Services

Polishing Academy

At the centre of our Academy, We understand that with you being socially polished and well mannered, regardless of your age, nationality, profession or education, you are sure to rule your world with poise and panache as soon as you get trained.


Over the years of our dealings with educators, one thing we have come to observe is that majority of educators feel inferior to their counterparts in other professions.


I signed up for the Packway Polishing Academy November 2018 Mentoring Class which was so enlightening I got more than I expected and even paid for. 

Marcellina Egbadekwu

Last year, I signed up for the Packway Polishing Academy November 2018 Mentoring Class with extremely high expectations and I must say it was satisfying and exquisite.

Agbalaya Olubukola Bridgette


Lagos Personal Polishing Conference - June, 2019
Packway Mentoring 5.0 - May-July, 2019
Packway Mentoring 4.0 - Feb-April, 2019
Conference For Educators - November, 2018
Re-branding Conference - August, 2018
10 Strategies To Keep In Mind And Personal Life In Shape - August, 2018
Polish Your Speech - May, 2018
Be Alive Conference - July, 2018
Re-branding Conference - March, 2018

Let us help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.